Sunday, December 7, 2008


Asking unqualified students to study in the IIT is like asking a famished child who had had no nutritious food for long years to climb Everest
Prof Indiresan, Ex Director, IIT Madras
Member, State Planning Commission, Delhi; Chairman Netaji Institute of Science &Technology, Delhi

Among all the venture capitalists in the Silicon Valley as well as in the Southeast, graduates of IITs had the reputation of consistently being successful entrepreneurs
Prof. Jayant Baliga, IIT Madras Alumnus,
Professor, N.C. State University, Raleigh, USA; Director, Power Semiconductor Research Center -PSRC

Wisdom is the sum total of three human characteristics – attitude, aptitude and awareness
Varun Arya, IIT Delhi Alumnus,
Director, Aravali Institute of Management, Rajasthan

Life is all about making choices and following one’s dreams
Ram Krishnaswamy, IIT Madras Alumnus
Managing Director, Novo Design Concepts Pty. Ltd.

Working entirely in the government sector, R&D can rarely result into products of mass consumption. A public-private partnership is required
Prof Ashok Jhunjhunwala, IIT Kanpur Alumnus,
Professor of Electrical Engineering, IIT Madras; Member- Prime Minister’s Scientific Advisory Committee

I am satisfied that my Brand of Technology is also a Brand IIT that has benefited the common man of India.
R.Srikumar, IIT Madras Alumnus,
Director General of Police, Karnataka State

If you withstood the IIT Hermitage, you are fit for anywhere, any situation, any challenge in the world
B.K.Syngal, IIT Kharagpur Alumnus
Senior Principal, Dua Consulting Pvt. Ltd.

The Institute must wean itself from a totalitarian Engineering bent, and start expanding its horizons to include a greater assimilation of arts and sciences
Prof. Nagarajan, IIT Madras Alumnus
Professor of Chemical engineering, IIT Madras

You cannot have it both ways: you can be insular and protectionist or you can be world-class. You cannot have an insular, protectionist, world-class institution
Beheruz Sethna, IIT Bombay Alumnus
Professor and President, University of West Georgia., USA

I want to change what people do and believe in Hindu society, especially with regards to caste and gender discrimination.
Dr.Jaishree Gopal, IITM & IITD Alumna
Co Founder of Navya Shastra

In our times it was not the IIT’s which made us great. It was the toil and sweat of the likes of us which made the world realise our value and made the IIT’s great
Professor Harwant Singh Chhabra, IIT Madras Alumnus
Director of MBA & BBA programs, BLDEA’s A.S. Patil Institute of Management, Bijapur

“The competition is so tough, that at times it grinds you to bits but you infuse an ability to rise like a phoenix”
Rishi Dhingra, IIT Kanpur 2004 Alumnus


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With regard to my article " III days of yore " I want to add that I am not working with the research work station in Hyderabad since the work has become cumbersome and want some relief at home. I am more at peace without any work and turning more and more spiritual.


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Happy retired life!

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