Sunday, December 7, 2008

........through this book, senior alumni share their journeys to inspire future generations of IITians.


Life as a Teacher at IIT
By. Prof Indiresan, Ex. Director of IIT Madras
My IIT-Madras Education: An Existential Experience
By Prof. B. Jayant Baliga, IIT Madras, B.Tech 1969
Moments of Truth
By Varun Arya, IIT Delhi, M.Sc 1981
My Inspirations, My Experiences
By Prof. Ashok Jhunjhunwala, IIT Kanpur, B.Tech 1975
IIT Madras gave me a Dream Future
By A.Karunakar IIT Madras, M.Tech 1999
IIT - Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
By Chandy Mathew (Late) – IIT Madras, B.Tech 1969
Eric or Little by Little
By Ram Krishnaswamy ( Ramboaus) IIT Madras, B.Tech 1970
Life @ IIT
By Rishi Dhingra, IIT Kanpur, B.Tech 2004
Marketing India in the 21st Century
By Coimbatore Venkateswaran Iswaran (Late) IIT Madras, B.Tech 1969
Confessions of a Reluctant IITian
By Prof. R. Nagarajan, IIT Madras, B.Tech, 1981
The Tomorrow that I knew Little About
B . Syngal B.Tech (Hons) 1961, M.Tech 1962, IIT Kharagpur
The Continuum
By Puneet Vinod Kumar, IIT Kharagpur, B.Tech 2003
'Keeping the Lights on' - a Metier...
By Dr. Jagat Chandra Giri, aka Jay Giri IIT Madras, B.Tech 1969
The Ten Stages of IIT for a “Reluctant” IITian
By Dr. Beheruz N. Sethna, IIT Bombay, B.Tech-Hons 1971
How a man gets made – Pleasant Nostalgia
By Bhagavathi Venkateswarlu Dasigi, IIT Madras, B.Tech 1966
What the IIT Community can give back to India
By Satyajit Roy, IIT Kanpur, B.Tech 1978
Yesterday is a memory and Tomorrow a Dream
By Dr.S.MayaDevi, IIT Madras, M.Tech 1981
Over a cup of Aye Aye Tea
By Srini Nageshwar, IIT Madras, B.Tech 1964
Rural Village to Global Village Via IIT
By Bhamy Shenoy IIT Madras, B.Tech 1965
“From {{i, j}, k} to nuts and bolts”
by Chidambaram Raghavan,IIT Madras, B.Tech 1974
IIT Madras Days of Yore
By Achutha Ramiah IIT Madras, B.Tech 1967
IITs helping to Shape the future India
By I.Selvaraj IIT Madras, B.Tech 1972
Story of a Reformer
By Dr.Jaishree Gopal, IIT Madras MSc 1986, IIT Delhi M.Tech 1988
IITs - Gift of our Freedom
By Dr. Samir Kelekar IIT Bombay, B.Tech 1983
"Passion is Contagious".
By Joshy Kallungal IIT Madras, B.Tech 1969
Chasing a dream
By Lionel Paul IIT Madras, B.Tech 1966
Chasing Dreams in Evolving India
By Sanjay Jadhav, IIT Bombay, B.Tech 1989, IIT Kanpur MBA 2003
Why it feels great to be an IITian and what it takes to be one
By Gaurav Vaish: IIT Kanpur, B.Tech 2002
The Silicon Valley Outcast
By Rabi Kisku, IIT Madras, B.Tech 2005
Good afternoon, Prof. Feynman!
By Krishna Kumar Subramanian, IIT Kharagpur, B.Tech 1970
IIT – Fun, Frolic, Adventure and a Degree
By T.Srinivasa Ramanujam IIT Madras, B.Tech 1969
IITs and JEE
Harwant Singh Chabra IIT Madras, B.Tech 1969
The IIT’s in India – Dachas by the Black Sea
By Raghu VenkatNarayanan IIT Madras, B.Tech 1991
My World of Cricket
By Badri Seshadri, IIT Madras B Tech 1991
From Techie to a Top Cop
By R.Srikumar, IIT Madras B Tech 1970


nimit said...

Looking fwd to the book to get some more fundaes from the seniors !!! :)

Anonymous said...

A Paper back edition may please be thought of for greater dissemination in India for Indians.Thanks.

achuta said...

Today is jan 26 /09 . I thought there would be many comments . yes I find only two rambo. I thought the book would be sold fast enough with good readership and inundates the blog with many comments. Anyway there aren't any queries or q's from readers from iitm of 66/67 time to be answered. bye for the time being. A great read for any iitian.

R.Sri Kumar said...

I think we need to make the book available in stores to be picked up by the curious to read. When I talk about it I find sufficient interest but the process of getting the book is indeed cumbersome. How can we we streamline it?
R.Sri Kumar


Dear Sri Kumar,

Regret delays in getting Reflections into book shops like Land Mark and Cross word and airport book shops etc. across the nation. Badri is on the ball and incharge of distribution.

Mean while any one who is interested and wants to buy a book can just drop me a note at

Further sufficient stock is held in Bangalore for prompt deliveries.



achuta said...

I am Achuta Ramaiah one of the small authors. Well by all means Rambo did a wonderful job. He coaxed all of us - made us write our article-criticized it-sent it for review- sent for our autographs- sent it for publications- sent for our preview-allowed us to do all changes etc. -opened a blog as well-invited all of us - (sorry i could i could make it either since my father passed away in November and was very depressed-in fact he me condoled more than anyone- and finally he feels about and let down that he could not say that our efforts and his efforts were largely for the book meant for the cancer patients in Chennai. We all okay ed it. He also brought in the elusive and popular Prof Indresan.God bless him. He has done so much -dash it none of us
could have done this much.
He kept up his pace even after his wife's retina problem in madras and the loss of his favorite dog raja. He worked solidly right through. HE is a GREAT MAN by ALL STANDARDS.
However we will spread his word that the book was primarily for cancer patients in Madras. we all agree and bid him do to do so.He will come out of it strongly -such a strong personality .
The book will be a great seller and it will make great profits for the cancer patient in Chennai.
achuta ramaiah
Wg Cdr S A Ramaiah (Retd)